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My Review on breaking dawn

Breaking Dawn – movie 4 part 2

IMG_4816Genre – Fantasy
Twilight sage – Movie 4 part 2
Watched on – dvd & Blu-Ray
Movie came out – 2012
My Rating – 10/10

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullen’s gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

My review:

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ Bella , Charlie , Renee
⦁ Edward , Carlisle , Esme
⦁ Emmett , Jasper , Alice , Rosalie
⦁ Jacob , Angela , Renesmee

The final movie of twilight called breaking dawn part 2.. I have read all the twilight books so many times and also watched the movies so many times too because i am a big twilight fan.. So this movie was amazing because you got to see how happy Edward and Bella are now that there married but it was fun to watch Bella being a vampire and to see her hunt was funny.. It was cute to see that Bella and Jacob’s friendship was still there.. My fav part was when she meet her daughter Renesmee.. I was pissed of with Jacob when he went to Bella’s dad because he was not thinking about Bella the only one he was think of was himself so when Jacob came back to the Cullen’s house to say that her dad was coming to visit it was sad to see Bella was worried that she might hurt her dad and Jacob looked like he did not care.. so Edwards family tried to help her acted human which i found this part of the movie to be Really Funny but when her dad came she did a really good job being human and she is happy that she can still have her dad in her live even with her being a vampire.. When her dad left i thought it was funny when Bella and Emmett went and had a arm wrestle.. I thought the fight with the Volturi was amazing but when i first watched the movie i really thought half of the Cullen family got hurt as well as the volturi family but then u seen it was only Alice showing Aro what would happened if he wanted to fight the Cullen family.. so I was happy that no one really got hurt at the end of the movie.. The movie was amazing

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ Bella & Edward – There relationship is amazing to watch and i love them together.. it makes me smile when they are together , also like how close they get to Renesmee their daughter.. The 3 of them look amazing together as a family.
⦁ Alice & Jasper – these two are made for each other. you can see how much they love each other and how they would look out for each other and their family
⦁ Emmett & Rosalie – they are cute together and when Emmett around she is a bit nicer to people but you can see they she would be lost without Emmett
⦁ Carlisle & Esme – these two are amazing to watch because you can see how in love they are with each other and that they would make sure no one hurt any of their family

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Jessica
⦁ Leah
⦁ Irina
⦁ Rosalie

Kat x

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