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My review on broadcasting Christmas

Broadcasting Christmas


Genre – Christmas
Broadcasting christmas
Watched on –  sky movies/ hallmark movie
Movie came out – 2016
My Rating – 9/10

Two news broadcasters who previously were in love fight for a position as a morning talk show host that they both want. Ultimately finding what made them like each other so much in the first place.

My Review:
If you love christmas movies you should check this movie out.. Its so sweet, romantic, it will make you smile and laugh.. Its a good movie to watch at christmas time laying on the sofa with a hot chocolate..

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ Emily
⦁ Charlie
⦁ Patrice

I have watched Melissa Joan hart for years and love her acting and also love her in Sabrina the teenage witch too.. I also have watching Dean Cain in a lot of movies too but mostly watched him as superman in the t.v show.. Melissa and Dean work well together in this movie and i would love to see them together in other movies..

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ Emily & Charlie – These two are made for each other. you can see how much they love each other and how they would look out for each other and their family. there relationship is amazing to watch and i love them together.. it makes me smile when they are together
⦁ Charlie & Patrice – The friendship between them is amazing to watch and makes you smile..
⦁ Patrice & Emily – Its so sweet to see amazing friendship. Patrice cares a lot about her friends and she is very close friends to Emily

Its sweet to see the two main characters Emily & Charlie the used to date in the movie getting to know each other again and it was sweet to watch them falling back in love with each other

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Emily
⦁ Patrice

Kat X


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