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My Review on Charming Christmas

Charming Christmas


Genre – Romantic/Christmas
Charming christmas
Watched on – sky movies/ hallmark movie
Movie came out – 2015
My Rating – 9/10

When a young businesswoman plays Mrs Claus at her family’s department store over Christmas, her life begins to take some unexpected turns with helping her family and romance.

My Review
If you love christmas movies then you should check this movie out.. its fun, sweet, cute, romantic, it will make you laugh and smile

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ Meredith & Nick – There relationship is amazing
⦁ Harold & Cheryl – these two are made for each other. you can see how much they love each other

The two main characters in this movie called Nick & Meredith friendship throughout this movie is amazing.. The actor who plays Nick is called David Sutcliffe and i have watched a couple of his movies but i mostly watched him on the t.v show gilmore girls and the actress who played Meredith is called Julie Benz and i have watched a couple of her movies but i mostly have watched her on buffy the vampire slayer and the t.v show called angel which are my fav t.v shows and they done amazing job in them t.v shows as well as in this movie..

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ Nick
⦁ Meredith

Its good to see so much christmas spirt and fun in this movie as well as amazing friendships and romance throughout this movie..

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Meredith

The ending was amazing, sweet, and made you smile a lot because of the love, friendships and christmas time.. It was good to see the two main characters end up together

Kat X

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