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My Review on The Duff

The Duff


Genre – High school movie
The Duff
Watched on – DVD
Movie came out – 2015
My Rating – 8/10

Summery: A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labelled the DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend – by her prettier, more popular counterparts

My review:
when i started watching this movie, I found it to be funny, sad in some scenes and sweet.. It was sad to watch Bianca thinking of her self as the duff.. watching her be happy with her friends and then one night at a party there was a guy there called Wesley who called her the duff and it was so sad to watch her going from happy to sad..

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ Bianca
⦁ Wesley
⦁ Casey , Jess
⦁ Mr Arthur

The funny parts of the movie i liked was when Bianca poured coke all over Wesley and also when they kissed in the movie that made me laugh..

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Bianca
⦁ Casey
⦁ Jess
⦁ Madison

The most romantic part for me was when Wesley kissed Bianca at prom and they started dating each other.. i was so happy for Bianca that she got the guy she loved at the end of the movie..

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ Bianca & Wesley- There relationship is amazing to watch and i love them together
⦁ Casey, Bianca & Jess – These 3 are amazing to watch together.. I loved how they look out for each other..

Everyone should go and watch this movie because its funny, sweet but sad, I can’t wait to read the book of this movie to see if i will like the book..
Kat x


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