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Top 8 Movies you should watch on Valentine’s day

Hey everyone,

This post is about movies i think you should watch on Valentine’s day that is sweet, cute, fun and romantic..

so lets get started:

So that’s the top 8 movies i think are sweet to watch all year around.. Let me know what your fav movies are to watch on valentine’s day??

blog post

A blog update

Hey everyone
I have been blogging for nearly 3 years because i started blogging in October 17, 2015 on my old blog and then made this new blog last year..  All my movie reviews are mine and i am honest in each movie review i do of how i felt about the movies..

If there is movies that i give 1 to 2 stars on then i will do mini reviews in one post for them but any movies i give 3 to 5 stars or more i do big reviews for each movie..

On my blog i like posting movie reviews, movie hauls, movie tags and also i do like giving shoutouts to movies that are awesome

so i just wanted to do this blog update to let my followers know that i am not new at blogging because i have been blogging for nearly 3 years .. Also i will be putting new movie/t.v show reviews up soon..

So that’s if for this blog post.. i hope everyone likes my blog post, i just wanted to let everyone know that i am not new at blogging and i don’t get help with my blog.. I write in my blog for fun and i love talking about movies..

Kat X