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Buffy the vampire season 1 [My review]

Buffy the vampire season 1 review for Slayalong

season 1

This month we had to watch season 1 of buffy the vampire slayer for Slayalong.. Slayalong is a fun watch-a-long where you have to watch 1 season a month and so for this month in march we had to watch season 1.. It starts from march to August 2019.. You can binge watch the show or make it last for the full month..

Check out my blog post all about the Slayalong and all the links so you can check out the watch-a-long details..  Slayalong for march


Buffy Summers looks like your typical perky high-school girl, However while most teens are worrying about their next date,  their next term paper.. Buffy is worrying about the next vampire she has to slay. See, Buffy, a young woman with superhuman strength, is the “chosen one,” and she must help rid the world of evil by staking demons. The exceptional first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces us to the world of Sunnydale High School


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I started watching buffy on the 2nd of march right up to 11th of march.. It was so much fun re-watching this show.. I am a big buffy fan and i have watch all the seasons so many times.. I really enjoyed season 1 this month and i binge watched this season because there was only 12 episodes..

My fav episodes are:

  • The witch
  • Angel
  • The puppet show

I loved all the episodes in this season but them 3 are my fav ones.. I also love all the scenes that had Buffy and Angel in them.. I am team Angel

My fav characters:

  • Buffy
  • Angel
  • Giles
  • Willow
  • Xander

Characters i did not like:

  • The master
  • The bad guys that work for the master
  • Jenny
  • Cordelia
  • Darla
  • Snyder


My thoughts on buffy season 1

There is 12 episodes in season 1 and it is well written.. Joss Whedon done amazing job making this show..

My Favourite part is when Buffy first meets Angel  but i also love all the episodes that have buffy and angel in them.. They are my fav couple..

The friendship between buffy, willow and xander is so sweet to watch and i also like how she grows to trust Giles..

There is so much action in season 1 to make you keep watching the show.. This show is amazing and they got the perfect cast to play all the characters..

The ending was amazing because you got to see the characters grow and also you get to see a little more of the friendship between Buffy and Angel..

Over all i have to say that season 1 is still amazing even tho i have seen all the seasons so many times..

My Full rating of each episode:

  • Welcome to hellmouth – 5 stars
  • The harvest – 3.5 stars
  • Witch – 5 stars
  • Teachers pet –  4 stars
  • Never kill a boy on the first date – 3.5 Stars
  • The pack – 4 stars
  • Angel –  5 Stars
  • I, Robot.. You, Jane – 3 stars
  • The Puppet show – 5 stars
  • Nightmares – 3 stars
  • Out of mind, out of sight – 3 stars
  • Prophecy Girl – 5 stars

so my full rating altogether would be 8 stars out of 10 for season 1 which is not bad.. So over all i really enjoyed doing this Slayalong.. So i can’t wait until April so i can start season 2..

Kat X


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