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Slayalong for march to August

Slayalong – watch a long
Starts from March to August

slayalong 2

I am joining in on this amazing Slayalong made by Bookables who is on YouTube so everyone should check her page out and also check out the Slayalong video she made which is Slayalong video.. There is also a Twitter page for the watch-a-long called Slayalong

So this watch-a-long of buffy the vampire slayer starts from march to August.. You have to watch 1 full season each month.. You can binge watch season 1 which has 12 episodes or you can make the 12 episodes last for the full month..

So i will be putting reviews up of my thoughts, my fav characters, my fav episodes,  characters i disliked and also my ratings of each episode out of 5 stars and then i will put my full ratings and that will be out of 10 stars..

so i think that is everything about this watch-a-long that i need to put in this post and everyone should check out this watch-a-long..

Let me know if your a fan of buffy and also who is ur fav character??

Kat X

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