Hey everyone

Everyone calls me Kat, I just want to say thank you so much for checking out my blog about movies and t.v shows that i like watching.. I am a big fan for movies & t.v shows

I started this blog because i love watching movies and t.v shows and i wanted to post about what i thought of each movie and t.v show that i watch.. I like to meet new people that love to read and watch movies.. i wanted to make a blog just based on my reviews on movies and t.v shows.. I have a blog that i use for my book reviews.

Random Facts:

⦁ I love chocolate and cinnamon
⦁ I am a big fan of buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, The vampire diaries and The originals
⦁ My fav food to eat is hot curry or salad
⦁ I am a big book and movie fan
⦁ fav colour is red and purple
⦁ I love rock music, some pop music and some country music
⦁ My fav t.v show is Mrs brown’s boys & Gilmore girls
⦁ I am a big twilight fan