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Top 8 Movies you should watch on Valentine’s day

Hey everyone,

This post is about movies i think you should watch on Valentine’s day that is sweet, cute, fun and romantic..

so lets get started:

So that’s the top 8 movies i think are sweet to watch all year around.. Let me know what your fav movies are to watch on valentine’s day??

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A blog update

Hey everyone
I have been blogging for nearly 3 years because i started blogging in October 17, 2015 on my old blog and then made this new blog last year..  All my movie reviews are mine and i am honest in each movie review i do of how i felt about the movies..

If there is movies that i give 1 to 2 stars on then i will do mini reviews in one post for them but any movies i give 3 to 5 stars or more i do big reviews for each movie..

On my blog i like posting movie reviews, movie hauls, movie tags and also i do like giving shoutouts to movies that are awesome

so i just wanted to do this blog update to let my followers know that i am not new at blogging because i have been blogging for nearly 3 years .. Also i will be putting new movie/t.v show reviews up soon..

So that’s if for this blog post.. i hope everyone likes my blog post, i just wanted to let everyone know that i am not new at blogging and i don’t get help with my blog.. I write in my blog for fun and i love talking about movies..

Kat X

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My Top 8 Cozy Mystery Hallmark Movies

Hey Everyone

I thought i would do a different kind of post on my blog about my fav Cozy mystery hallmark movies that i like to watch.. So this is my top 8 Fav Cozy Mystery Hallmark Movies, So lets get started with talking about these movies.. If i have any reviews up on my blog for any of the movies that i talk about i will tag it beside the pictures of the movie covers..

murder she baked chocolate 2015
These are the murder she baked movies in order:

1) A chocolate Chip cookie
2) A plum pudding
3) A peach cobbler
4) A deadly recipe
5) Just Desserts



These are the Aurora TeaGarden movies in order:
Aurora Teagarden movies:
1) A bone to pick
2) Real Murders
3) Three Bedrooms, one corpse
4) The Julius house
5) Dead over heels
6) A bundle of Trouble
7) Last scene Alive ( out Jan 2018 )





These are the Gourmet Detective movies in order:

1) Gourmet Detective
2) A healthy place to die
3) Death Al Dente
4) Eat, Drink and Be buried




These are the Flower shop movies in order:

1) mum’s the word
2) snipped in the bud
3) Dearly depotted




These are the Mystery Woman movies in order:
0) mystery woman pilot   /  1) mystery weekend
2) snapshot /   3) sing me a murder
4) a vision of murder  /   5) game time
6) at first sight  /   7) wild west mystery
8) oh baby
9) in the shadows
10) redemption





These are the Garage Sale movies in order:

1) Garage sale mystery /  2) The deadly room
3) The wedding dress /  4) All that glitters
5) Guilty until proven innocent  /  6) The novel murder
7) Art of murder
8) The beach murder
9) Murder by text
10) Murder most medieval




These are the Hailey Dean movies in order:

1) Murder with love
2) Deadly estate
3) Dating Murder








Its a good mystery movie




There is a couple more hallmark mystery movies that i am watching but i will post a update on any other mystery movies once i seen a wee bit more of the movies.. Let me know what you think of my mystery movie list?? thanks for looking at my blog post.. Let me know what your fav mystery movies are?

Kat X

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My Top 18 Fav Christmas Movies

Hey Everyone

I thought i would do a different kind of post on my blog about my fav Christmas movies that i like to watch every year.. So this is my top 18 Christmas movies, So lets get started with talking about these movies.. If i have any reviews up on my blog for any of the movies that i talk about i will tag it beside the pictures of the movie covers..


This is my top  Christmas movies

A Christmas Prince
My Review: A Christmas Prince

christmas prince

 Miracle on 34th Street
My Review: Miracle on 34th street



Christmas Cookie

Matchmaker Santa
My Review: Matchmaker Santa


Let it snow
My Review: Let it snow


The Nightmare before Christmas




Anna Claus is coming to town
My Review: Annie Claus is coming to town


A Christmas Detour


Charming Christmas
My Review: Charming Christmas


Broadcasting Christmas


A wish for Christmas



Also these are some other movies/t.v shows that would be good to watch on christmas and they are:

  1. Gilmore girls
  2. harry potter
  3. A cookie cutter christmas
  4. snow queen
  5. mirror mirror
  6. window wonderland – i have a review for this movie and its: Window Wonderland

Thanks for looking at my blog.. Let me know what movies you watch at christmas time??
I hope everyone likes my christmas post.. Merry christmas everyone..

Kat X

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My Top 12 Fav Christmas songs

Top 12 Fav Christmas songs

I thought i would do a different kind of post on my blog about my fav christmas songs that i like to listen to very year.. so I have been listening to my fav Christmas songs and also my fav Christmas cover songs  for a t.v show called gee.. So lets get into my christmas song list


merry christmas 2

List of my fav christmas songs:

  1. Santa Claus is coming to town
  2. Rockin around the christmas tree
  3. Winter wonderland
  4. Baby its cold out side
  5. Let it snow
  6. Frosty the snowman
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Merry xmas everybody
  9. I wish it could be christmas everyday
  10. All i want for christmas is you
  11. It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas
  12. Do they know its christmas

merry christmas 2

So that’s it for my top 12 fav christmas songs and check out the cover songs by glee.. I hope everyone is having a good day and i will talk to u in my next blog post..

what is your fav christmas song??

Kat X

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The Television Tag

Hey Everyone

i wanted to do something different on my blog and so i seen this tag on YouTube and it sounded amazing so i thought i would do it on my blog and once i get my YouTube channel up and running i will do this tag on my channel too.. So this tag was made by Kayley Hyde on YouTube  so check her channel out.. Their is also another YouTube channel that done Kayley’s Tag and you should check their answers out and they are ProblemsofaBookNerd 

so lets get into the questions:

  1. Favourite shows? Buffy the vampire slayer, Gilmore girls, Angel, The vampire diaries, Teen Wolf, Glee, Izombie, The Originals, Grimm, Lethal Weapon & True Blood, Miss browns boys


  2. Favourite genre? I like t.v shows with:
  • Vampires
  • Action
  • Cozy murder Mysteries
  • Cozy Detective shows
  • Werewolf’s
  • Comedy
  • Musical Theme through the show
  • Supernatural
  • some Zombies shows
  • Fantasy shows

I don’t like :

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Scary shows
  • Reality t.v shows

3. Least favourite show?

  • Bitten
  • Reality t.v shows
  • Western shows

4. Most rewatched show/favourite show to binge watch? Buffy the vampire slayer, Gilmore Girls, Miss browns boys & Glee

5. Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching? I Don’t mind watching t.v shows week by week and i also love to binge watch t.v shows too when i can

6. Favourite television characters?

  • Lorelai, Rory, Lane, Luke, Sookie, Jackson, Logan – Gilmore girls
  • Buffy, Giles, Xander, Willow, Angel, Spike – Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, Lorne, Spike, Charles, Wesley – Angel t.v show
  • Stefan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo, Jeremy, Alaric, Matt – The vampire diaries
  • Elijah, Hayley, Hope, Rebekah, Freya, Klaus, Davina, Marcel – The originals
  • Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Emma, Will, Mercedes, Sam, Artie, Tina, Mike – Glee
  • Scott, Stiles, Derek, Allison, Lydia, Malia, Kira, Isaac, Melissa, Jackson (season 6), Ethan ( season 6) – Teen Wolf
  • Liv, Ravi, Clive, Peyton, Major – Izombie
  • Nick, Juliette, Monroe, Wu, Rosalee, Adalind (season 5), Hank – Grimm
  • Riggs, Roger, Maureen, Trish, Captain brooks – Lethal Weapon T.v show
  • Miss Brown, Rory, Maria, Buster, Winnie, Betty, Dermont, Mark, Cathy, Dino- Miss browns boys
  • Sookie, Lafayette, Bill, Sam, Jason, Tara, Alcide, Jessica – True Blood
  • Matt, Karen, Foggy, Claire, Elektra – DareDevil

7. Favourite television ships? I have a lot of fav couples but these are just 4 different shows that has my fav couples but there is a lot more that i like 

Buffy the vampire slayer:  Buffy & Angel/ Xander & Anya/ Spike & Buffy/ Willow & Tara

Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai / Rory and Logan

Glee: Rachel & Finn/ Kurt & Blaine/ Puck and Quinn/ Will & Emma/ Mercedes & Sam/ Santana & Brittany

Teen Wolf: Derek & Braeden/ Scott & Alison/ Stiles & Lydia/ Jackson & Ethan/ Scott & Mia


8. Show you could never get into?

  • Westworld – My boyfriend wanted me to watch it but i watched a couple of episodes and did not like the show ( i also don’t like western shows)
  • Lost – I watched until season 4 then i just could not watch any more because it was not good anymore..

9. Show you fell out of love with?

  • Bitten

10. Cancelled too soon?

  • 2 Broke Girls – I can’t believe this show got cancelled because this show is amazing and i think its so funny to watch.. The Two Main girls Max and Caroline are awesome.. I love Caroline’s horse because its so cute.. 5 stars for this movie and if i could i would give it more than 5 stars.. I will be doing a review for this t.v show soon

11. Guilty pleasure show?  I don’t really have any Guilty Pleasure shows

12. What are you currently watching?

  • Riverdale
  • shadowhunters
  • once upon a time
  • Good Witch (re-watch)
  • Teen Wolf ( re-watch)
  • The vampire diaries (re-watch)

So that’s the end of this awesome tag.. Let me know what you think of this tag and you should make sure and check out the YouTube channel that made this tag which the link is at the top of this blog post..

I am going to tag a couple of people to do this tag because its a cool tag and you get to hear about t.v shows that you might not have heard about..

Kat X


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My Top 12 Fav T.V Shows

Fav t.v Shows

I thought i would do something different today and talk about my fav T.V shows.. So i will just write a list of my fav t.v shows.. so i will get talked writing the t.v show names and i hope everyone enjoys my new blog post.. [  THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS SO IF NO ONE HAS SEEN THESE SHOWS THEN DON’T READ THIS POST ]

1) Buffy the vampire slayer – This is my number 1 fav t.v show.. i have watched this show so many times i have lost count.. i am a big big big big fan of this awesome show

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2) Angel t.v show – i am a big fan of this show and i love anything vampires and supernatural things, I love that angel got his own show..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3) Gilmore Girls – Best show ever and i am a big big fan of this show

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4) The Vampire diariesamazing and i love anything to do with vampires

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5) miss browns boys – this show makes me smile and laugh so much

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6) Teen wolfI love werewolf shows and this show is awesome..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


7) Gleei love most the song covers in this show.. My two fav couples are Rachel & Finn and also Kurt & Blaine

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8) Izombie – this show is funny and i can’t wait to see season 4 hopeful there will be another season

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9) The originals I love this show and my fav original family is Elijah

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10) True Blood – Did not like the ending of this show because it was boring and she did not end up with bill, Eric or Alcide, the writers had her end up with a random person that was never talked about in the show 

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11) Grimm

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12) Lethal Weapon T.v show

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So that’s my top 10 fav t.v shows.. Let me know what you think of these shows?? and also tell me what ur fav t.v show is?

Kat X