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My Review on: Divergent



Genre – Action
Watched on – DVD
Movie came out – 2014
My Rating – 10/10

In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she’s Divergent and won’t fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late.

My Review:
I watched the movie before reading the book.. I liked all the cast members and the friendships through this movie.. Kate Winslet done an amazing job through this movie too..

I think its a good action movie with some sci-fi parts through it and I loved the relationship between tris and four because they are so cute together and i smiled every time they were together..  I thought Dautless is funny to watch and it was funny to see tris forget to pill the brake when she was flying through the air..

I did not like that four got hurt and it was sad to see one of tris friends try to kill her  because that part of the movie would have made you cry but i am glad that four saved her.. i also did not like that after everyone picked where they wanted to live that tris brother looked at her like she was nothing to him.. it was sad to see tris parents get killed..

My Fav Characters:

  • Tris
  • Four
  • Will
  • Christina
  • Tori

I love the relationship between four and tris but also their friendships as actors are good too which makes this movie because they are comfortable with each other.. Tris and four are awesome together and the writers got the right two people to play four and tris..  When tris and four kissed that was awesome because it was so sweet, cute and romantic..

I did not like the way the writers made tris kill will in the movie because will’s character was awesome and it hurt tris to kill will and even after she could not forget her self which was making her push people away from her..

Characters i did not like:

  • Peter
  • Caleb
  • Eric
  • Jeanine
  • Marcus

The fight between tris and Jeanine was amazing and well done.. I did not like the writers making tris and four fight each other but i am glad he remembered her.. I would recommend this movie to everyone who likes a movies packed with action..

Kat X

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My Review on Miss Peregrine’s Home of Peculiar children

Miss Peregrine’s home of peculiar children

Genre – Family/ children’s movies/ action
Miss Peregrine’s home of peculiar children
Watched on – Cinema
Movie came out – 2016
My Rating – 9 and a half /10

When Jacob discovers clues to a mystery that stretches across time, he finds Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. But the danger deepens after he gets to know the residents and learns about their special powers

My review:
If you like creepy movies then you should check this movie out.. Its sweet, creepy, funny and makes you sit on the edge of your seat at parts of the movie..

At the start its weird seeing photos that look so creepy with no eyes.. The actors and actresses are amazing and the writers done amazing job making this movie..

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ Miss Peregrine , Emma
⦁ Abe , Jake

This movie is so weird and creepy but amazing at the same time.. Wow in parts of this movie would give you nightmares if you don’t like creepy movies much but you can’t stop watching this movie because its amazing

Its sad to watch Jake talking to his granda on the phone when he knows his granda is dead.. There was a part in this movie that was funny and that was the fight with the creepy big monsters who no one can see apart from jake..

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Miss Peregrine
⦁ Emma
⦁ Barron
⦁ Miss Avocet

It was sad to see everyone leaving Jake because he had to go home and see his granda in the past.. It was kool to see jake went to see his granda in the past and he was happy that his granda was still alive and they talked which made me smile.. His granda give jake a book with money and told him to find miss peregrines and the peculiar children and stay with them and be happy which i thought was sweet..

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ Miss Peregrine & Abe – their friendship is amazing and it looks like they care about each other a lot.
⦁ Jake & Emma – i liked watching their friendship grow though the movie and they look good together too
⦁ Abe & Jake – Its so nice to see a granda and a grandson’s relationship in this movie because its amazing to be close to your granda a lot. so the writers did amazing job with doing that story line.. you could see how much they both cared about each other.

This movie was amazing, creepy, weird, scary, funny, cute and a sweet movie and i would recommend this movie so much.. also want to say again that the writers did amazing job with this movie..

Kat X

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My Review on The BFG



Genre – Family/ children’s movies/ action
Watched on – Cinema
Movie came out – 2016
My Rating – 9/10

A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kind-hearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike them, he refuses to eat children.

My Review:
I always loved reading Roald Dahl’s books and thought his books were amazing. My favourite ones of his books are: Matilda, BFG, Charlie and the chocolate factory & James and the giant peach

My Fav Characters are:
⦁ BFG, Sophie

So when i seen they were making a movie of the BFG, i had to watch it because the book and the cartoon was amazing.. So when i watched the movie it was amazing and i thought to my self that the writers of this movie done amazing job creating the BFG story that Roald Dahl wrote.

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:
⦁ BFG & Sophie – I like watching these 2 together because they make me laugh but you see how much he looks out for Sophie and cares about Sophie like a father or best friend. Its so sweet to see BFG have someone in his life to call a friend..

This movie is amazing and so interesting, it has you on the edge of your seat, it will make you laugh, smile and it’s also a bit sad but i have to say this movie is so amazing. It also making you fall in love with the story of the movie and also makes you love the BFG..
I think the friendship between BFG and the wee girl Sophie was very sweet, cute and magical how that become close friends in the short time they have known each other.. I hate the way the other giants hurt BFG and it was kool to see that the queen helped BFG & Sophie get all the giants away so they could not hurt anyone any more.. I thought it was funny watching that the queens three dogs was farting in the movie when BFG give them a drink..

Sassy Characters:
⦁ Sophie
⦁ Queen

I have to say again that the writers did amazing job creating the story of the BFG and i would recommend everyone to watch this movie who loves Roald Dahl’s books..

Kat X