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My Review on twilight movie 1

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Genre – Fantasy
Twilight sage – Movie 1
Watched on – dvd & Blu-Ray
Movie came out – 2008
My Rating – 10/10

Bella Swan has always been a little bit different. Never one to run with the crowd, Bella never cared about fitting in with the trendy, plastic girls at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. When her mother remarried and Bella chooses to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she didn’t expect much of anything to change. But things do change when she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen. For Edward is nothing like any boy she’s ever met. He’s nothing like anyone she’s ever met, period. He’s intelligent and witty, and he seems to see straight into her soul. she finds out he is a vampire and wants to be with him more

My review:
This is the twilight movie and my fav in the movie is Bella, Edward, the Cullen family and Jacob also think that Bella’s dad, mum and friends are kool too

My Fav Friendships & Relationships:

  • Bella & Edward – There relationship is amazing to watch and i love them together.. it makes me smile when they are together
  • Alice & Jasper – these two are made for each other. you can see how much they love each other and how they would look out for each other and their family
  • Emmett & Rosalie – they are cute together and when Emmett around she is a bit nicer to people but you can see they she would be lost without Emmett
  • Carlisle & Esme – these two are amazing  to watch because you can see how in love they are with each other and that they would make sure no one hurt any of their family

Sassy Characters:

  • Jessica
  • Leah
  • Victoria
  • Rosalie

It was amazing to watch the movie after reading the book to see if the movie was like the book and the movie was amazing and so was the cast, they found the right cast to play the character’s in the movie from the book, It was also amazing to seen the love Bella and Edward had for each other in the movie, one of my fav movies and once the movie was over i just did not want the movie to end,

My Fav Characters are:

  •  Bella  , Charlie , Renee
  • Edward  , Carlisle , Esme
  • Emmett ,  Jasper  , Alice
  • Jacob ,  Angela , Eric , Mike

Anyone who is a twilight fan or a fan of vampires should go and read the twilight books and watch the twilight movies

I am Team Edward

Kat x