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Cozy Movies / t.v shows to watch in December

Movies / t.v shows to watch around December

Hey everyone,
This post is about christmas movies and some t.v shows.. so i will write a list and then post some pics to show you the covers and also i will post any reviews that i have done too..

  1. The snow queen
  2. Let it snow
  3. Good witch movies
  4. Good witch t.v shows
  5. The Grinch
  6. A christmas prince
  7. The nightmare before christmas
  8. Miracle on 34th street
  9. Christmas belle
  10. The holiday calendar
  11. The princess switch
  12. Christmas wedding planner
  13. Christmas inheritance
  14. Broadcasting christmas
  15. merry kissmas
  16. Annie Claus

I done reviews for some of these movies if you want to check them out and they are:

  1. My review on broadcasting Christmas
  2. My Review on Annie Claus is coming to town
  3. My Review on Let it snow
  4. My Review on Miracle on 34th street
  5. My Review on: A Christmas Prince

There are a couple of other awesome movies to watch around christmas time and they are:

  1. Twilight
  2. Bridal wave
  3. I do I do I do
  4. Belle and the beast
  5. Gilmore girls
  6. A bride for christmas
  7. A christmas Detour
  8. Harry potter
  9. window wonderland
  10. Charming christmas
  11. I also forgot about Mrs browns boys

I done reviews for some of these movies and they are:

  1. My Review on Window Wonderland
  2. My Review on Charming Christmas
  3. My Review on twilight movie 1


My Boyfriends Fav movie that he likes to watch every christmas is:



So let me know what movies you like to watch around christmas time??

Kat X

blog post, My Fav movies

My Top 18 Fav Christmas Movies

Hey Everyone

I thought i would do a different kind of post on my blog about my fav Christmas movies that i like to watch every year.. So this is my top 18 Christmas movies, So lets get started with talking about these movies.. If i have any reviews up on my blog for any of the movies that i talk about i will tag it beside the pictures of the movie covers..


This is my top  Christmas movies

A Christmas Prince
My Review: A Christmas Prince

christmas prince

 Miracle on 34th Street
My Review: Miracle on 34th street



Christmas Cookie

Matchmaker Santa
My Review: Matchmaker Santa


Let it snow
My Review: Let it snow


The Nightmare before Christmas




Anna Claus is coming to town
My Review: Annie Claus is coming to town


A Christmas Detour


Charming Christmas
My Review: Charming Christmas


Broadcasting Christmas


A wish for Christmas



Also these are some other movies/t.v shows that would be good to watch on christmas and they are:

  1. Gilmore girls
  2. harry potter
  3. A cookie cutter christmas
  4. snow queen
  5. mirror mirror
  6. window wonderland – i have a review for this movie and its: Window Wonderland

Thanks for looking at my blog.. Let me know what movies you watch at christmas time??
I hope everyone likes my christmas post.. Merry christmas everyone..

Kat X