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My Review on: A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince

christmas prince

Genre – Christmas
Date out – 2017
watched on – Netflix
My rating – 10/10

When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love – but will she be able to keep up her lie?

My Review:
when I seen this Christmas movie I was like I have to watch that because I love Christmas but then I seen who is playing the main woman in the movie and it made me want to watch the movie more because the actress Rose McIver is amazing and she also has acted in a t.v show called Izombie..

The start of the movie makes you smile because of the Christmas songs, Christmas trees and the amazing snow that is falling.. My Fav characters are Amber, Emily and Richard.. Its amazing to see Rose McIver in a Christmas movie and she plays her character really well..

When you see where the prince lives it makes you smile because its very magical looking and gets more magical though the movie. Its funny when amber does not get to interview prince and she finds a way to get her story and now she is going to be someone else so she can get her story on the prince but she did not think that she might fall for the prince..

The relationship between Richard and amber is so sweet and cute but I think they should not hang out much because if Richard finds out that amber is a reporter who is writing a story on him then it will hurt both of them because Richard is falling for amber as much as she is falling for him.. Emily is so sweet and the only one who knows that amber is a reporter and not a teacher..

Watching Richard, Emily and Amber play in the snow looked so sweet and magical because they looked happy..  I am so happy that Richard and Amber kissed half way through the movie.. I think they are made for each other and I think his family is starting to love amber too.. The dress the Emily gives Amber to wear is amazing on her and she looked like a real princesses..

Near the end of the movie had a twist when someone told everyone that Richard was not the son of the king so that let his cousin Simon to come in to be king which he is not a nice man.. So Richard and his family is trying to find a way to stop Simon and the royal family also sent Amber home because they found out she was a reporter.. I felt sorry for Richard and his family but I also felt sorry for Amber too

The Ending was amazing because the king left a letter to say that Richard should be king which made me smile and I found it funny that Richards cousin simon got married to the girl that wanted to be royal and that told everyone about Richard not being the kings son and now that simon is not going to be king she does not want to be with him which made me laugh..  I thought it was sad that Amber wrote the real story about the king and how amazing he is and her boss did not like it so amber left her job and made a blog which is posted about the king Richard there..

Wow there was another twist when the king went to where Amber lived and told her he liked what she wrote and that he missed her.. He also told her that he needs a princesses so he asked her to marry him and she said yes.. which made me happy.. The Director’s and writers did amazing job making this movie because it was so magical, sweet, cute, romantic and amazing..

Best Christmas movie ever and Rose McIver done amazing job

Kat X