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My Dream cast for the twilight-life and death

Twilight – Life and death
I think this book should be a movie because its amazing.. So this is my dream cast of people i think should be in the movie if it was ever made.. Let me know what you think & who you think should be the cast members..

I think the writer and director should be:

  • Writer – Melissa Rosenberg because she is able to tell amazing story and also she done all the twilight movies
  • Director 1 – Bill Condon because he is amazing at making the movie be its best and make sure its amazing for the fan’s who will watch the movie
  • Director 2 – Catherine Hardwicke because she has amazing ideas and knows what makes a story
  • Director 3 – David Slade because he is a good director and could have good ideas to help Bill and Catherine

See Catherine Hardwicke done amazing job with the first twilight movie.. David Slade done awesome job doing the eclipse movie and Bill Condon done amazing and epic job on breaking dawn part 1 & part 2 movies.. I think these three director’s could make this book amazing and really bring the fan’s back into the story of twilight and forks..

My Dream Cast i think would be good to be with this story if it was a movie:

The swan family:


  • David Haydn-Jones – I think would be good a Charlie swan because he is strong, cute, sweet and loving
  • Jennifer Garner – I think would be good to play Beau’s mum because she is loving, sweet, caring and strong
  • Freddie Stroma – I think would be good as beau because he is sweet, funny, cute, amazing singer

The Cullen family:


  • Ian Somerhalder – I think would be good as Earnest Cullen (married to Dr Cullen)
  • Lena Headey –  I think would be good as Dr Cullen (married to Earnest Cullen)
  • Lea Michelle – I would be amazing as Edythe Cullen (dating beau swan)
  • Paul Wesley – I think would be good as Archie Cullen (with Jessamine hale Cullen)
  • Naya Rivera – I think would be good as Jessamine hale Cullen (with Archie Cullen)
  • Heather Morris – I think would be good as Eleanor Cullen (with Royal hale Cullen)
  • Robert Sheehan – I think would be good as Royal Hale Cullen (with Eleanor Cullen)

The Black Family:


  • karen holness – she would be good as Bonnie black (Charlie’s best friend)
  • Victoria Justice – she would be good as Julie black (Beau’s best friend)
  • Danila Kozlovsky – he would be good as Aaron black (Twin Adam)
  • Liam  Hemsworth – he would be good as Adam black (Twin Aaron)

Beau’s friends & people beau went to school


  • Kat Graham – I think she would be good as Mckayla Newton (Beau’s best friend)
  • Matt Czuchry – he would be good as Jeremy (Likes Mckayla & beau’s best friend)
  • Chandler Canterbury – he would be good as Allen (beau’s close friend)
  • Nina Dobrev – she would be good as Taylor (Likes Beau & beau’s friend)
  • Danielle Campbell – she would be good as Erica (Likes Beau & beau’s friend)
  • Chad Michael Murray – he would be good as Logan (does not like beau)
  • Lucy Hale – she would be good as Becca (goes to school with beau)
  • Lily Collins – she would be good as Collen (goes to school with beau)
  • Amanda Seyfried – she would be good as Leann (goes to school with beau)
  • Darren Criss – he would be good as Sean  (goes to school with beau)

Julie black’s friends:

erica durance

  • Erica durance – she would be good as Samantha (Julie’s friend)

The bad vampires


  • Emily Vancamp – she would be amazing as Joss the bad vampire, her movies are amazing and she is very strong. (Victor’s partner & she attacks Beau)
  • Theo James – he would be good as Victor because his movies are good and he plays a vampire very well in some of his movie (Joss’s partner)
  • Sara Canning – would be good as Lauren (Joss & Victor’s friend)

Some songs i think might be good soundtracks through the movie

  • Let me sign by Robert Pattinson
  • A thousand years by Christina Perri
  • Now that I’ve found you by Paul McDonald & Nikki read (when beau & Edythe started dating)
  • All I’ve ever needed by  Paul McDonald & Nikki read (at the end of the movie)
  • Claire de lune (when beau was in Edythe’s car & seen the cd)

I hope everyone likes my dream cast of this book if it was a movie. Let me know what you thought of the book and which actors did u see when u were reading this story. Let me know what your dream cast would be and what you think of my dream cast, the soundtracks i think would be kool & also the director’s that i think would be good to make this book a movie..

Kat x